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Maritime Solutions Across The 5 Oceans

Ship Management

O5 Marine provides shipmanagement services for special vessels

Crew Management

O5 Marine manage crews on shipowners behalf. We provide a range of personnel management services from crew administration, to crew change up to full crew management.

Audits & Consulting

 O5 Marine provides technical, management or operational expertise. O5 Managers have 20 years of experience of operations in remote areas worldwide.

O5 Marine is part of LNGistics Consortium

LNGistics is a project aimed to design, finance and operate LNG bunering vessels worldwide.

O5 Marine manages the layup of advanced technology ships. We provide expertise to optimize the shipowner’s interests: evaluation of the best balance between means/resources during layup versus cost/time of reactivation. Our teams of seafarers are specialized in the layup management. We conduct our duties with the highest QHSE standards. O5 Marine has pre-agreements with ports in Western Europe and can propose layup sites at competitive rates or manage vessels in any place.


O5 Marine assists shipowners in defining the best layup strategy. We benefit from return of experience with long layup duration to select the right strategy. O5 Marine provides its experience to define and implement the preservation measures, the maintenance plans, the layup certification, the manning levels and the security setup. O5 Marine also deals with the authorities to adjust the security and safety levels on shipowner behalf.

Layup Beyond the minimum class and authorities requirements, the layup setup depends on the selected strategy. It can range from minimum security/safety monitoring to conducting patrols and maintenance operations with a team onboard. O5 Marine manages any type of layup.
Reactivation This is the time to get return of your layup investments. It consists in demobilizing the layup equipment and measures, preparing the asset for reclassification and starting/commissioning all systems and machineries. Reactivation also includes the transfer of the management from the layup manager to the ship manager. O5 Marine has experience in restarting vessels and supports the shipowners in this critical phase.
O5 Marine ensures technical management of 36 Oil & Gas ships and workboats worldwide. Our role is to optimize the availability of the fleet by elaborating accurate maintenance strategies. We plan and supervise of vessels that need to adapt to new operations of our client. O5 Marine is also managing administrative requirements with authorities.

Technical maintenance

O5 Marine supervise technical maintenance of vessels. This starts with strategies, budget, maintenance plans, execution onboard reporting and proposal for improvements. We have dedicated superintendents to organize the maintenance, support the crews onboard, draft specifications and supervise upgrades and technical stops. We also source, asses and follow-up suppliers and their logistic up to the ships.

Administrative management In relation with flags, class societies and local authorities, O5 Marine will ensure the ships stays in full compliance with their statutory obligations. We also assist clients for the logistic, permitting and importation of vessels in new country of operations.
O5 Marine is specialized in finding the right skills for high technology vessels. We are approved by the maritime authorities to hire and second – to any flag –  french Officers under french social regime. This allows us to get access to highly qualified and versatile workforce who benefit from an excellent social coverage without any administrative burden for the clients. The overall cost of these personnel is competitive in the maritime international market. We also propose Filipino Ratings / Officers with our partner in Manilla and western Officers.

Shipowners, Shipmanagers and Shipoperators

From a couple of seafarers for a short period of time to a full crew, we are fully flexible to adapt our management to your needs and to integrate within your crewing processes. Beyond the administrative management, we have an expertise in ship planning, organization of crew changes, motivation of seafarers and management of crisis.


We are keen to attract and retain the best seafarers. We offer strong social protections for the seamen and their family. We want to establish long term relationships in order to know individually each of our colleagues at sea.


Project management is the art of making an idea or a concept comes to reality. It’s requires discipline, planning, anticipation, reporting, adjustment. We are specialized ship building, repairs and conversion. We have also developed a specific knowledge for LNG as fuel and we can assist shipowners in evaluating and designing LNG propulsion or LNG bunkering ship to ship systems.


General marine industry project management

  • Dry docks management
  • Ship repairs and upgrade
  • ship maintenance
  • Administrative management (Class and Flag)
  • Sourcing and purchasing management

LNG as fuel project management

  • Propulsion systems
  • LNG storage
  • Boil off gas management
  • Bunkering


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